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Reviews on appstore

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Here I just consolidated all the non-Chinese Appstore reviews from all the country. It's a snapshot as of Jun. 28, 2013, and the reviewers might update the review later.


Right what i was looking for [Version 1.4]

Lots and lots of examples for you to practice.
Decent graphics.
Allows you to add more recorded games.
Cool app!


Best app to study go problems [Version 1.4]

Just what I wanted to study go problems. Especially spaced repetition system is very nice. I was solving problems in one app and entering results in another SRS app. In Easygo I can both solve problems and it keeps track of my progress.
Other nice features are, importing sgf problem files in zip archives, creating and editing games/problems.

I think this is the best app on IPad to study go problems!


Nice app [Version 1.4]

It could be een better with randomised problems


Comment: shuffling problems and games is supported.


New study feature [Version 1.4]

I enjoy the new study feature; the program will remember your mistakes & stagger the repetition so you see the harder ones more often until youve learned them. Also, the latest update has beautiful stone graphics!


Amongst the top 3 go apps on iOS [Version 1.4]

The latest version of Easygo has brought me a functionality I was waiting for long : a space-repetition program to help you hardwire go problems. The more you fail, the more frequently it will prompt you the problems helping you get through them by repetition.
The fact that you can add your own problems and therefore build up your own personalized program for study makes it a must have app for go players willing to improve.
I also appreciate the fact that the system varies the orientation and the color of stones so that you remember properly the shapes.

Aside from the problem piece, I particularly enjoy annotating games on Easygo. It is the only app available on iOS (so far) that I know of which offers a tree-like view of variations.

Its clearly a very good app and I place it amongst my top three with Smartgo Kifu (for its pro game library mostly and its nice looking interface) and Smartgo Books (books with dynamic diagrams).


Use it a lot. [Version 1.3.1]

EasyGo and Smartgo Kifu are the two main go apps that I use. They have different features and purposes. EasyGo is good for studying your own go problems. You can import files from your computer easily or create and manage them on your iOS device. Tree view is very useful. Developer is actively improving the app and responds quickly to comments.


Good gogame [Version 1.3.1]

Nice app for go exercise and a good support for Watch pro game by "go kifu". Very good


Great game but..... [Version 1.2]

The is a great editor and game player. I have Smartgo kifi but Easygo have several different features i like, however the graphic could use a big boost. I get a little disappointed when I open this app due to the cloudy graphic. Give that a overhaul and this app will be able to really compete against Smartgo. Can we get that in the next update? It will get 5 star when better graphic is delivered.

Robert Huang

EasyGo [Version 1.2]

Easily the best go kifu and problem program on the iPad.
I have Kogo joskei dictionary, as well as my library of go problems on EasyGo.

I have been teaching my children how to play with the basic problems.

Keep up the good work!


The best SGF Weiqi editor [Version 1.2]

In my opinion, this program beats Smartgo Kifu for best SGF editing capabilities. I love how this app can allow you to resize the goban (board) easily so you can see more to your liking in both portrait and landscape mode. The ability to create your own life and death problems is terrific. I also appreciate the ability to use the whole screen to view game thumbnail previews to scroll through - a great feature especially if you have large databases to choose games for further study.


Great! [Version 1.2]

I've really enjoyed the problems provided, and I like the ability to load my own problems. Thanks for making this app!


ならスマ詰碁ならこれ [Version 1.1]



微妙 [Version 1.1]




あと数百出せばSmartGo Proえるのにわざわざこれをぶ理由は特になさそ


Great [Version 1.1]

Really useful app, thrilled that it allows you to edit / create / upload your own problems. There's a few bugs but the developer is very quick to respond and is working on fixing. Considering how new it is, im surprised how robust it is. The graphical move tree is also terrific.

I use this more than SmartGo now and its cheaper


Mächtiger SGF-Editor [Version 1.1]

EasyGo ist ein mächtiger SGF-Editor – der einzige auf dem Ipad, den man so nennen kann. Viele Funktionen sind gut durchdacht, das Gesamtbild wirkt aber noch etwas unausgereift und rechtfertigt den hohen Preis nicht.

Die Grafik könnte hübscher, die Steine, die Linien, das Brett, der Variantenbaum könnten schärfer sein. Auf dem letzten Zug sollte sich die Zugnummer anzeigen lassen – es geht nur bei allen oder keinem Stein. Die Übersetzung ins Englische ist nicht überall gelungen, so verlor ich ein SGF, weil Ok wohl etwas anderes machte, als ich annahm.

Dennoch: Wer SGFs auf dem Ipad editieren möchte, mit Varianten und Kommentaren, kommt derzeit kaum um EasyGo herum.


Cool! [Version 1.1]

I load Kogo's joseki dictionary and it works! Now this app is the best for me, thx to author

I like this app more than Smartgo Kifu.
Comparing to SmartGo this app has tree view. It is very very useful when reviewing games with variations or joseki etc
It is also easy to import sgf to the app.
I imported some sgf with russian comments created by KGS editor and all works fine


Świetna aplikacja, bardzo dobrze uzupełnia SmartGo [Version 1.0]

Aplikacja naprawdę dobra, ze względu na edycję partii z widokiem drzewka ruchów jest to dużo prostsze i przypomina cgobana na pc. Autor aplikacji jest bardzo otwarty na sugestie i propozycje, jest z nim bardzo dobry kontakt, dlatego też pełne pięć gwiazdek. Na uwagę zasługuje możliwość importu całych pakietów gier (jako zip) lub problemów - świetna funkcja. Jak na razie stosuję zamiennie ze SmartGo (tam mamy bogatą bazę partii pro) ale z powodu łatwiejszej i czytelniejszej edycji partii w EasyGo to coraz częściej właśnie ta aplikacja jest moim podstawowym narzędziem do komentowania partii. Świetny program.


Sehr schön, tolle Funktionen! – Beautiful, Great Functionality! [Version 1.0]

TOLLE APP! Vom absoluten Anfänger bis zum fortgeschrittenen Spieler wird hier jeder etwas finden.

Sehr schön ist die Möglichkeit, eigene Tsumego-Sammlungen und kommentierte Spiel-SGFs zu laden, sowas habe ich mir immer gewünscht. Auch die Möglichkeit, zurück und vor zu gehen und Variationen bei Spielen auszutesten, ist sehr willkommen.

Der Entwickler ist kooperativ und reagiert schnell.

EMPFEHLUNG für jeden Liebhaber des Go-Spiels (auch bekannt als Igo, Baduk, Weiqi)!

GREAT APP! Everybody, from absolute beginner to advanced player, will find something here.

Very nice is the ability to import own tsumego collections and commented game SGFs, something I’ve always wished for. The ability to go back and forth and test game variations is very welcome.

The developer is cooperative and responsive.

RECOMMENDED for every lover of Go (also known as Igo, Baduk, Weiqi)!


Only iPad app that allows problem uploading [Version 1.0]

Great app for studying problems. Developer very responsive to feedback.


Schöne Sache, ... [Version 1.0]

da die App viele Dinge biete, die selbst Marktführer vermissen lassen. Der File-Manager gefällt sehr. Die Konzentration auf Problemlösung um Review ist in Ordnung.

Mein Wunsch wäre eine Darstellung auf dem TV via AirPlay. Keine Ahnung, ob das realisierbar ist. Man könnte die App damit auch für Unterricht nutzen.


good app [Version 1.0]

Good app with great potential. Author is listening to ppl and he is active on 19*19 forum. Only bad part is missing sorting/searching inside games archives but after this feature in next version this app will be best for taking your game archives mobile.


Great product! [Version 1.0]

Very clean interface and easy to use. A lot of fun to learn And improve Go skills. Highly recommend.


Splendid! [Version 1.0]

Very nice! The function to add the files is good! I like it.

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