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  1. How to add my own game files?

    You can add game files via iTunes share folder, or via Open In. For example you can send sgf or zip files as email attachment in the email app on iPhone, long tap the attachment to import games. Or upload files to Dropbox, and in Dropbox app, handle the file to EasyGo via Open In.

  2. How to backup the games under "My Games"?

    You can export them to a zip file, then in file manager, choose email to send the zip file as email attachment or choose "Open In" to transfer the zip file to other applications such as Dropbox for backup.

    Currently, other data such as problem statistics can’t be backed up by above method. You can rely on the iTunes backup or iCloud backup to backup all the device data.

  3. How about Dropbox integration?

    Currently if you have Dropbox app installed on your device, it’s easy to transfer sgf/zip files between Dropbox and EasyGo via "Open In". Please see import, export sections for details.

  4. Any gestures supported?

    • In problem practice/test view or game edit/replay view, you can two finger pinch the board to zoom in and out.

    • Two finger tap to toggle between edit and replay mode in game view.

    • Tap in the left or right part of the board to go backward or forward in replay mode or adjust speed in auto replay mode.

    • In game mode, two finger swipe up to hide the status bar and navigation bar, swipe up again to hide toolbar also. Swipe down to restore. (for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad landscape full screen mode only)

    • In game mode, two finger swipe left/right to switch between recently opened games.

    • Two finger pinch the comment view to adjust the font size.

    • On iPad landscape mode, two finger tap on the tree view to open full screen board view. Two finger tap on the tree view to toggle between two layouts.

    • In game mode, Long tap a stone in the board, will directly jump to the position where that move is the current move.

    • In problem practice mode, long tap an alternate mark(solid blue rectangle) to switch variation.

    • In problem practice mode, long tap the hint to button to show solution automatically.

  5. Why some asian characters are unreadable?

    The most common reason is that there is no encoding specified in the game file, you can configure the default encoding in global options.

  6. Some zip files can’t be imported

    May due to:

    • the file is encrypted

    • the file might be created using winzip and a non portable compression level was selected

    • The encoding of the file names in the zip file is not compatible with the current default encoding. Please configure the default encoding in global options.

  7. How to setup a problem with multiple correct variations?

    The first variation will be always treated as the solution. If there are other variations which is also the solution, please add the word “right” in the comment of the last node of the variation.(right is case insensitive)

  8. EasyGo is not shown in the Open In menu for sgf/zip file?

    iOS prior to V6.0 only supports up to ten applications shown in the list, workaround is to remove some apps you don’t need.

  9. Is it possible to configure custom board background and stone images?

    Yes, you can add your own board background, stone texture image files via iTunes file sharing, only PNG format supported, the file name should be as board01.png, board02.png, blackstone01.png, whitestone01.png, etc. (file name is case sensitive)

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0 #3 xiangz 2014-10-27 20:22
Quoting Mark hsieh:
Hi, Does easy go support air play? Thanks.

Not yet. However, you could always use screen mirroring feature of Air Play.
0 #2 Mark hsieh 2014-10-27 03:58
Hi, Does easy go support air play? Thanks.
0 #1 windgreen 2012-01-11 09:53
Good job!

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