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EasyGo is a multi-function go software designed to help you improve your go skills and enjoy the go game.

Extensive problems bundled

EasyGo has total 2368 problems bundled ranging from basics, life and death, tesuji and endgame. And the 893 problems on life and death have extensive variations built in to respond to all of your possible moves.

And more variations for the basics and tesuji problems will be added in future versions.

Basics part covers essential go tactics including Atari, double Atari, connection, cut, ko, ladder, oiotoshi, squeeze, wedge, capturing race, and life and death.

A lot of ways to study problems

Problem Practice

Sort problems by total tried times, wrong times, and win rate or shuffle problems, then practice problems sequentially. Supports show hint or solution, try, bookmark system problem to user library. If the opponents have multiple variations, you can tap the alternate move mark to switch to that variation.

Problem Test

Take standard test(20 problems in 10 minutes) or custom test, in which you can customize the total problem number, test time. During problem test, the restart, try, show solution button are all disabled. The standard tests for the bundled problems are integrated with game center leaderboard. Test history is saved automatically. And you can review all the problems answered incorrectly in any test later.

Spaced Repetition Study

EasyGo includes a spaced repetition system (SRS) to help you study go problems more effectively. Basically, it works like this: you are shown a problem and you choose “Fail”, “Hard”, or “Easy” according to how well you know it. The system will then automatically present the problem again for review in the future. That is, EasyGo works like a flashcard application.

Game record browse/edit/replay

EasyGo is also a SGF editor, supporting most of commonly used SGF FF4 properties, and features a node tree view and variation table view. You can use EasyGo to record your own games or replay games, create your own problems, and switch to problem mode to test at anytime. Two finger tap to toggle between edit and replay mode. In replay mode, you can tap the left and right part of the board to go backward and forward.

Easy import/Export

2000+ bundled problems are not enough for you? And you have plenty of SGF games/problems at hand, but haven’t found an app for iPhone/iPad to import them easily? Then EasyGo is right for you. You can zip all your SGF files and transfer to EasyGo via iTunes file sharing. EasyGo will maintain the original folder structures in the zip file. You can also download SGF/ZIP files from mobile Safari right on your iDevice and import to EasyGo easily. Mail attachment can also be imported to EasyGo. EasyGo will be installed to handle SGF/ZIP files, and can import files from any mobile app(such as Dropbox, Goodreader) supporting Open-In.

EasyGo also has a built-in browser to help you download and open SGF game files. Tap a SGF link in any web page to download and open the game automatically. Auto open can also be turned off, then you can tap multiple SGF links quickly and the downloads will occur in the background.

More features:

  • Supports browse your games/problems in list or grid view.

  • Auto detect problems and normal games.

  • Sort problems by total try times, wrong times, and win rate, Sort games by black name, white name, game date, game name, etc.

  • Shuffle games or problems

  • Auto rotate and swap colors for problem practice and problem test

  • Bookmark system problem to user library.

  • Share problem by email(board image only for system problems right now)

  • Supports display node variation tree, supports comment edit, add black, add white, add triangle, square, remove node tree, insert node, etc.

  • Supports multi-part SGF file

  • Split a game to multiple games based on variations

  • Create a problem by crop part of the current board position

  • Rotate and flip game

  • Switch to problem test mode during edit

  • Auto replay, speed can be adjusted by tap left, right part of the board.

  • Two finger swipe to toggle full screen mode(iPhone and iPad full screen landscape mode only)

  • Two layouts for full screen landscape mode on iPad

  • Organize by folders, supports batch edit: move, copy, delete, mail, export to iTunes folder, You can reorder the games by drag the standard iOS order control.

  • Supports drag and drop to adjust different views, pinch in the comment view to adjust font

  • Two finger swipe left or right to switch between recently opened games

  • Built in file manager, easily browse iTunes share folder, import sgf, zip files, email files.

  • Supports handling zip file from other applications(such as Mail, Dropbox, Goodreader) to EasyGo for easy importing

  • Import game by pasting SGF data from clipboard

  • Export a single game to other applications via Open In. Export multiple games or folders to a zip file, which can be emailed or handled to other applications(such as Dropbox) via Open In.

  • Multi user support, view global problem test statistics and per folder problem test statistics

  • Choose 12 built in board background images and two stone textures. Custom board background image and stone textures are also supported.

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